XXX DVD Sex movie Private Gold 39 - Domestic Affairs - Paisley HUNTER

  • XXX Porn DVD Private Gold 39 - Domestic Affairs by Private Media
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  • starring Pornstar Paisley HUNTER in XXX scenes with various sexstars - ...Pierre Woodman gets a little adventurous in Domestic Affairs. No, it doesn't involve exotic tropical locations. Instead it is a really pleasant porn movie revolving around the cutest basset hound ever to appear on screen. In the opening shot, the pooch is loving life as he walks with his master through parks and up sidewalks, sniffing at women with long legs and sniffing out people having sex. This dog, a wonderful actor, certainly has a nose for sex and snoops out all the secret sexual goings-on in and around his human family. The dvd starts with two scenes featuring beautiful Mickaela May and then the ultra-gorgeous Suzanna Wienold. The temperature rises and all the later scenes are excellent and varied in the usual Woodman style. Laura Bellini is a sexy babe who looks a little like Gabriella Wolf as she is paired with Roberto Malone. Dorothe has a really hot scene in a Jacuzzi. And best of all is Paisley Hunter in an all anal clip with three studs. Woodman actually shoots part of this dvd from the point of view of the dog, which is not only amusing and creative, but adorable. Woodmans camera direction is superb, capturing hot sex with eight breathtaking girls. A dvd for all porn audiences, especially couples. Cast: Mickaela May, Genevievre (Linda Kiss), Claudia Jamsson, Dorothe, Laura Bellini, Paisley Hunter, Patricia Smet (Patty Page), Zsofi (Suzanna Wienold), Roberto Malone, Others.

Paisley HUNTER

Date : 1990s-2000s
Producer : DVD

Paisley HUNTER dvd


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