Prestige 11 HC Magazine by Color Climax - Silver FORREST & Bianca TRUMP

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  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete. All Pages are in Full Color with Climax Porn Model fucked.
  • Climax Models : Dutch Porn star Silver FORREST XXX (14 pages of porno fotos) - American pornstar Bianca TRUMP Nude : pre-boobs-job photos (4 pages) - Danish Climax Girl ANJA (16 pages of sex pictures) - Black Girl Charlene ROBEN Fucked (16 pages of sex pictures) - French amateur star LAETICIA fucked on a Billiard pool (22 pages) - lady with Hat - ...

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Date : 1990s
Producer : Color Climax

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I am sort of partial to the blue-eyed blonde types, but after having met Silver Forrest personally, and having had the ultimate pleasure of her dancing in my lap, I don't think that Ill ever forget her. Ive purchased a few of her tapes and have a collection of some of her early magazine layouts. As to what Id do on our fantasy date? Id only want her to do everything Ive ever seen her do in her mags, including dripping hot wax on herself. Plus she gives the greatest blowjobs!

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