Lesbian Love 24 magazine - BARBII, Jamie SUMMERS & Jeanette LITTLEDOVE

  • Back Issue Sex Magazine LESBIAN LOVE by Color Climax Corporation.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Featuring : Lust and Luxury - Their Lesbian Secret - Gay Girl Games - A New Kind of Love - Passion by th Pool - ...
  • US Pornstar BARBII having sex with Jeanette LITTLEDOVE (14 pages of porno fotos) - Pornstars Tammy REYNOLDS & AJA having some sapphic fun (12 pages of Porn Pics) - Austrian Porn Star Astrid PILS & color climax WENDY in XXX Threesome with some Bananas (18 pages of Porn Pictures) - Classic Pornstar Jamie SUMMERS lesbian sex action (18 pages of Porn Pictures) - Lesbians in Stockings & Suspenders - ... BARBII and Jeanette LITTELDOVE found themselves without anything to do on a Friday night and were upset that they werent out partying. BARBII had an idea for keeping themselves busy though and soon they were naked together, rubbing their pussies and exploring sex with their own adult toys!

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Date : 1988
Producer : Color Climax

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Two gorgeous pornstars (Barbii & Janet Littledove) enjoy a quiet skinny dip in their room, letting the warm air caress their bodies. They begin to sensually kiss and caress each other. They make love until both reach her climax. Aja shined in her girl-girl scenes with Tammy Reynolds in Lesbian Love 24 and with Nikki Randall in Broadway Brat.

Paired on-screen with some of the top names in the industry including Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera and Tom Byron, Jamies career took off with great success and she became one of the most popular porn actresses during the late 80s and early 90s.

All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.