Amazing 2 Sex magazine - Shyla FOXXX, JR CARRINGTON & Shay SWEET

  • American-Porn Magazine Backissue AMAZING by AMAZING MEDIA & MAX STONE.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Shyla FOXXX fucked by Mark DAVIS (10 pages) - Blonde superstar J.R CARRINGTON ass fucked by Don FERNANDO (16 pages of sex pictures) - US porn stars Shay SWEET & Nikki LIKKI (12 pages of Porn Pics) - Melanie STONE & AZKA (16 pages of sex pictures) - Porn games Claudia CHASE & Randi RAGE (16 pages of sex pictures) - Angel HART & Vince VOYEUR (12 pages of Porn Pics) - Taylor MOORE & Davia ARDELL (11 pages) - Deja BLEW : 10 pages with Mark DAVIS - ... J.R. Carringtons classy good looks have graced many a box-cover, as she's got model-quality beauty that can attract the eye from a distance.

shyla foxxx

Date : 1999
Producer : Amazing

amazing sex magazine


All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.