Teenage Sex 44 adult mag - Regina BARDOT & Christine LEVAL

  • Adult Mag TEENAGE SEX 44 edited by Color Climax Corp.
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  • French SexStar Christine LEVAL gets an itch in her cunny and starts playful threesome with MARLENE and Gordon PARKER in the bathroom - Pornstar Rayanne DREW is hot for cock and uses her vacation to get sexperienced with Kevin JAMES & another guy - Cover Girl Martha MALLORY aka Fifi Bardot aka Regina BARDOT 4 pages nude inside - Color climax girl ADELEs heart belongs to daddy, but her cunt belongs to her horny boyfriend - Angie ARMSTRONG : Big Girls Games - ...

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Date : 1986
Producer : Color Climax


All Christine Leval known flicks where shot in 1986. During her short lived porn career she just played in six adult movies and appeared in two more compilations late in the 1990s.

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