Teenage Schoolgirls 17 retroPorn magazine - Blondie BEE & Beverly GLENN

  • Porn Magazine TEENAGE SCHOOLGIRLS edited by Color Climax Corp.
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  • Featuring : Biology Study - Two Cock Party - Bathroom Fun - ...
  • American Porn stars Blondie BEE & Beverly GLENN are girls on a dick hunt and thats Tony MONTANA lucky day (16 pages of sex pictures) - French pornstar Sandra DE LARGO gets a free lesson in sex from her horny biology teacher Philippe SOINE - MARIEL enjoys a bathroom orgy with her cousin Roy HUNTER - Alf & Norbert give NANCY a double dose of dick - French Pornstar Barbara MOOSE is a hot latin lady (14 pages of porno fotos) - ...Being the class clown does have its perks. In this vignette you get to see what happens when the teacher is even funnier than his sexy students.


Date : 1988
Producer : Color Climax


Blondie BEEs first foray into the world of erotica was in the 1986 sexvid Cheerleader Academy, where she can be seen still sporting her unenhanced boobs. Soon afterward she got them blown up, and that is the Blondie that can be spotted in most of her flicks. When she started her carnal career, Blondie BEE would only work with her off-screen boyfriend Tony Montana. They appeared together in a host of interracially themed videos like Black Sensations. It didnt take her too long to abandon that philosophy, however, and by the time she was landing starring roles she was taking on all comers.

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