Teenage Dreamgirls 15 classicPorn magazine - Veronica MOSER and Candie EVANS

  • Sex Magazine BackIssue Teenage DreamGirls edited by Color Climax
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  • Pornstars Candie EVANS and Barbie DAHL trying Golf an ace in the hole (16 pages of sex pictures) - Classic Bombshell Jennifer KNOXT aka Jennifer NOXT fucked by her Piano Teacher Troy TANNIER (20 pages of Porno Pics) - Hot MMF Threesome - Pornstar Veronica MOSER ass fucked - ...Between 1985 and 1988, sweet Porn Star Candie Evans was one of the most sought-after blonde bombshells in hardcore. She was a stunningly pretty young woman with a cover-girl face and the massively enhanced front end that has never hurt a porno career.

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Date : 1991
Producer : Color Climax

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