Sexual Fantasy 32 adult magazine - Color Climax CHRISTA & Classroom Capers

  • 1980s Danish sex Magazine SEXUAL FANTASY by Color Climax Corporation.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Color Climax Starlet CHRISTA Fucked cowgirl reverse for Schoolgirl Seduction layout (14 pages of porno fotos) - Hot & Willing Schoolgirls with Socks -Teasing Tutor fucker - Classroom Capers starring Cee Cee Model LISE (10 pages) - ... This sensual young woman was one of the top Color Climax choices to play young girls coming of age during the late 70s and early 80s. CHRISTA was a very pretty, extremely youthful looking lassie whose tight, small-breasted figure and achingly beautiful face made her one of the most desirable and alluring women in the biz.

color climax christa

Date : 1980s
Producer : Color Climax

sexual fantasy color climax magazine

All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.