Pleasure 78 porn magazine - Janet LITTLEDOVE, BARBII & Patty PLENTY

  • German Porn Magazine edited by PLEASURE Verlag.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete. ALL COLOR Porno magazine with Multi-Language texts.
  • US pornstar Jeanette LITTLEDOVE wearing fur fucked by Buck ADAMS (30 pages) - Blonde Pronstar BARBII fucked on Amtrack train by Randy WEST (28 pages) - Mature Lady Patty PLEASE elegant nude photos (6 pages) - Cute pornstar Stephanie RAGE as belly dancer & hard sucker for Arabian Petro Dollar (30 pages) - ...

janet littledove

Date : 1987
Producer : Pleasure

porn star janet littledove


All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.