Lovers 29 Porn magazine - Kristara BARRINGTON fucked & Bunny BLEU

  • Germany Porn Magazine Foxy Ladys Lovers edited by Teresa ORLOWSKI.
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Date : 1991
Producer : Teresa Orlowski

Lovers 29 Porn magazine - Kristara BARRINGTON fucked & Bunny BLEU


Making over 150 adult videos during her career, Kristara Barrington combined a fresh innocence and wanton attitude that made her an instant hit. Among her most touted achievements, critics often cite her break-though performance in one of porns all-time best sellers, New Wave Hookers 1. Other great Barrington performances can be seen in Baby Face 2, Beyond Desire and House of Lust. In 1985 Kristarra Barrington was the star of one of the most successful porn movies of all time: New Wave Hookers. She performs in the famous role as the sushi delivery girl and gets fuckeded savagely by three men (Jack Baker, Steve Powers and Jaime Gillis) until she's so exhausted that she allegedly had to be carried from the room to rest afterward! That scene can also be found inside the Hall OF Fame Porn video collection.

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