Lesbian Love 51 sex magazine - TV Star now Pornstar Dana PLATO Hardcore

  • Back Issue Sex Magazine LESBIAN LOVE by Color Climax Corporation.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Featuring : Lucky Lips - ...
  • Pornostar Solange LECARRIO Hardcore Threesome with TV Star Turned Pornstar Dana PLATO (18 pages of Porn Pictures) - Buxom Ebony Score Girl Angelique DOS SANTOS XXX in Lesbians in Stockings & Suspenders with Shoes Off (24 pages) - German Porno-Star Rita CARDINALE disco threesome (16 pages of sex pictures) - Gilly SAMPSON pussy duet in the Kitchen - Disco Game starring Eve BIANCA who you can easily recognize by her star-and-abstract tattoo on the left groin - ...

angelique dos santos

Date : 1997
Producer : Color Climax

busty angelique

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