Lesbian Love 20 sexmagazine - Candie EVANS & Gina CARRERA

  • Danish Sex Magazine LESBIAN LOVE by Color Climax Corporation.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Featuring : Paying the Bills - Hot Cunt Licker - ...
  • US pornstar Candie EVANS nude modelling for Krista LANE - Cheerleaders Ginger LYNN & Gina CARRERA having sex - Wild games for Girls with Laura LANCELOT : lesbian threesome with Janet and Michelle - Fench Pornstar Marilyn JESS ass Rimming Michelle DAVY - ...Candie Evanss sweet and vivacious personality came shining through in each of her scenes, as she displayed just enough erotic curiosity to drive her partners completely out of their heads.

candie evans

Date : 1986
Producer : Color Climax

porn star candie evans

All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18) as required by federal law.