Globes 28 Bit tits Magazine - Julie VELLA & Tina SMALL

  • French Grosses Poitrines Magazine GLOBES 28.
  • Item is in Good Condition and Complete. La revue des Amateurs de femmes aux charmes Opulents.
  • Mega tits porn legend Tina SMALL (6 pages) - Giant tits Covergirl (4 pages) - Julie VELLA - ... Too large-bust-loving men everywhere, Titanic Tina SMALL was a dream come true - a very attractive blonde with long legs, a nicely shaped ass, sexy lips and awesome hooters.

globes big tits

Date : 1980s
Producer : Globes

globes big tits

Tina Small was the British model with the 84 inch bust, who posed for nude pictures and made a few semi science-fiction-based soft core porn movies of innocent are quality. According to some Internet sources, her real name is Christina Jane Small. Born September 10th, 1959, in the small town or village of Iping, Somerset. Southern United Kingdom, although this name is also attributed to Tina Small by other Internet sources.

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