Foxy Lady 44 German magazine - KASCHA, Francois PAPILLON, Joanna STORM

  • German SexMagazine of a Women Publisher Teresa ORLOWSKI : The Ultimate in Erotica.
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  • Brazilian Pornstar Elle RIO masturbating (10 pages) - Asian porn star KASCHA Fucked by real life husban Francois PAPILLON (20 pages of Porno Pics) - Cute Blonde classic pornstar Jamie SUMMERS : she did it for the boys (10 pages) - Jon DOUGH fucking Joanna STORM in her hair saloon (18 pages of Porn Pictures) - The final countdown : slim American blonde fucked by two guys including Blake PALMER (17 pages) - ... Joanna STORM was cute and a great actress so I am not really sure why she wasnt more popular. I view her as a Thinking mans porn star, not some woman trying to act like a 16 year old girl. Not a MILF, but a lot more mature than others.

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Date : 1990
Producer : Teresa Orlowski

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Joanna Storm was an accomplished stripper before turning to the hardcore biz, and often landed roles, which called on her dancing talents as a prelude to a passionate sex bout. Joanna Storm had a lean, thin body with luscious medium-sized breasts and a cute, pixieish face that looked more like a shy coed than a brazen porno strumpet.

Pornstar Jamie Summers was born in 1968 and made a huge splash when she first entered the adult industry in 1986 at just 18 years old.

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