Euroticon 03 porno magazine - Helen DUVAL & Christy CANYON XXX

  • Deutsche Porno Magazin EUROTICON 3 edited by German Publisher Sascha ALEXANDER & Sarah YOUNG.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete. Around 100 Pages in Full Color.
  • Blindfolded Pornostar Helen DUVAL is a blindfolded beauty whose youth an exuberance are obvious from the moment the camera light first flickers to life. She says no over and over but her smiles and giggles give away the fact that she is a much better fuck than she is an actress (20 pages of Porno Pics) - Pornstar Christy CANYON fucked by 2 Lucky Guys (24 pages XXX) - Retro Porn star Lauren BRICE (18 pages of Porn Pictures) - Rocco SIFFREDI (24 pages XXX) - ... Christy Canyon has a beautiful face and a perfect body. She has big boobs that are amazing and hips that you could hold while doing doggy style, plus a very eatable pussy. If I met her I would just tell her that she's one of the most beautiful woman in the world and ask if shed like to go to dinner so we could talk one on one.

helen duval

Date : 1990s
Producer : Sarah YOUNG

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I like Christie Canyon she's got big fat titties! Christy Canyon was a big tit pornstar back in the days before breast implants. When most of the famous hardcore model had thin tight bodies and small natural tits, Christy shook things up by bringing her eye candy sized 36DD all natural tits to the studio for the world to enjoy. She has won several porn awards for her memorable films and became a member of the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame (as voted on by porn industry insiders). She retired from the adult business several times and always ended up coming back for more, which has allowed her porn career to span multiple decades and her legend to grow far larger than it would have if she had stayed retired originally.

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