Cumming with Krysta - Gourmet Magazine with Krista LANE

  • American Porn Magazine Cumming with Krysta edited by Gourmet Editions # CV 11.
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  • American Pornstar Carol SIMMS aka Krista LANE fucked doggy-style & sucking her partners cock Steve POWERS - ... One look at Porn Star Krista LANE on the Cover should tell you all you need to know about her career -- she has the look of a true late 80s porn queen, which is exactly what she was. Her leggy, large breasted, frosted blonde looks and the nasty glint in her wide eyes give her away. Krista Lane made her mark on the late 80s scene with her wanton and raunchy sexual performances and a real natural ease in front of the camera. She could act better than most of her peers, but it was her hot and nasty carnal talents that made her a fan favorite.

krista lane

Date : 1980s
Producer : Gourmet Editions

krista lane in gourmet editions magazine


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