Color Climax 171 porn magazine - Jay SWEET, Rocco SIFFREDI & Whitney WONDERS

  • 1990s Porn Magazine COLOR CLIMAX edited by Color Climax Corporation
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Featured sets : Paris Sandwich - Speedy Fucker - Lucky Lola - Maid for Lust - ...
  • EuroBabe Jay SWEET also known as Jay LA BELLE sex scene, fucked by a borker from the London Stock Exchange, Jay is sucking his balls just before he spunk on her - Male pornstar Rocco SIFFREDI XXX (15 pages) - Sexy Babe Nicolette ALEX aka Nicolette FALUDI fucked by two older guys just accross the beach.
  • For all you Buxom Redhead lovers - Whitney WONDERS and her magnum melons should have you creaming your jeans when she goes into action with an incurable tit-man - French male actor Jean-Yves LE CASTEL fucking her high class lady and her maid both wearing hats also with Pornstar SAPHYR & Cindy NASTY aka Cindy PEREZ - Plus double penetration, cum-in-mouth, outdoor fucking, ball sucking, finger probing.

jay sweet

Date : 1996
Producer : Color Climax

jay sweet in color climax

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