CLUB 218 adult Magazine - Silvia SAINT, Jenna HAZE & Carmen LUVANA

  • Adult Magazine CLUB pour Hommes edited by French Editor.
  • Item is in Good Condition (but one page missing).
  • Porno Stars SILVIA SAINT (10 pages by Luc Langlois) - JENNA HAZE (4 pages) - JESSICA DRAKE - CARMEN LUVANA - JACKIE MOORE - MARK DAVIS as auto Mechanic fucking T J HART & DAYTONA (10 pages XX) - CHANTAL nude by Roger MARCEAU (8 pages) - Busty LIANE by Annie JOLLUM (5 pages) - Beatrice VALLE in Le Tour de Manie Velle (film review) - Teresa Orlowski in sex Party (film review) - DONNA nude for Steve COLBY (4 pages) - ...


Before entering into the pornography arena, Silvia SAINT studied management and was employed as a manager of a large hotel in the Czech city of Zlin. She was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1996 (Czech edition), and after her introduction to the American porn industry, in 1997, and again in 1998 (U.S. edition).

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