Blue Climax 45 sex magazine - Dana PLATO Hardcore Sucking

  • Danish Adult Magazine BLUE CLIMAX by Color-Climax Corporation.
  • Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete - All Pages are in Full Color.
  • Featuring : Red-Hot Trio - Erotic Game - Playing Dirty - ...
  • Weekend Orgy for Dana PLATO & ROCCO SIFFREDI (22 pages Hardcore, Fucking, Sucking & Facial Cumshot) - Busty blonde pornstar Beverlee HILLSs dream come true - Czech Porn Star Dolly BUSTER received a Cigar in Pussy by Gangsters on a Billiard pool - Laura LANCELOT in stylish threesome BGG with Rose - French Mylene BADOU fucked by Frank BALLARD - ...

beverlee hills

Date : 1989
Producer : Color Climax

beverlee hills


Buyer Comments : Sex Celebrity turned Pornstar Dana PLATO was in a live action video game called Night Trap where the player had to spring traps and change the color codes for the traps. I have it on Sega CD... ...and apparently she did become a porn star of the h-c variety, and she did kill herself.

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