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  • Czech Pornstar Daniella RUSH fucked by a biker - Pornostar Patty PAGE aka Patty PEAGE sandwiched by two Military Pilots including Zenza RAGGI - Pornostar Shakina SHERGOLD takes special lessons with her Greek Teacher - Cute Blonde Nicole THOMPSON in hot threesome (sandwich, cumshot,..) - French pornstar Cindy LABELLE in hot MMMF foursome by Swimming pool also featuring Christopher CLARK & Richard LANGIN - ... Nothing hotter than filling up the tight pussy and even tighter back door of a cute teen like Daniella RUSH, who never says no when you ask her to open her back door for some hard boffing fun. This gal can take any cock in any hole and loves it all.

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Date : 2003
Producer : Color Climax

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The remarkable thing about Daniella RUSH is that she has such a common look to her. She looks like a girl all of us know, either a gal pal from school were a chick he once met in a bar -- if you didnt get to fuck the version you knew watching her get ass-fucked is a great way to see what you missed.

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